Salt Therapy has been around for thousands of years. The oldest medical scripts list Salt as an essential medicinal treatment. Ancient Egyptian papyrus Smith (1500 BCE) recommended Salt as a treatment for chest ailments.

The ancient Greeks made frequent references to the healing properties of Salt. Hippocrates (460 BCE) listed inhalation of Salt particles as a remedy for skin problems and respiratory disease.

Medieval Europe praised Salt for its natural healing effects and recommended its use medicinally for respiratory illness. Salt has been used medicinally as a natural therapy for centuries, and its healing effects are still acknowledged and accepted today.

Salt cave environment

Also known as ‘Speleotherapy’, the process entails a series of sessions of salt room therapy in Salt Rooms that simulates a natural salt cave environment.

The walls are built with bricks that are fashioned from pure salt and floors are covered by layers of high quality crystal salt sourced from natural Salt Caves in Europe.

By breathing normally in the Salt filled Rooms, fine particles of salt are inhaled and are able to reach deep into the lungs, essentially cleansing the entire respiratory system.

The result is an overall detoxification of the body. Clinical studies have shown that respiratory illnesses (asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc) as well as allergies and ailments of the skin (acne, psoriasis, eczema) are noticeably reduced and general health and wellbeing is increased after experiencing Salt Room Therapy.

Natural Salt therapy Melbourne

We provide Natural Salt therapy in Melbourne. Built to the highest standards, Dr Salt’s salt rooms in Melbourne are your ticket to a healthier you!

This all natural therapy is highly beneficial and can be enjoyed by everybody of all ages (from 4 months old). Check out our list of services for more details and exclusive offers.

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