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Benefits of Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy is 100% natural, drug-free and non-invasive treatment that is part of the natural therapies initiative in Melbourne, available for the people of Melbourne. Salt Therapy benefits include enhanced stamina, improved breathing, skin cleansing and overall improvement of health and well-being.

Salt Therapy makes […]

Benefits of Negative Ions

What are negative Ions?

Negative ions, put in non-scientific terms, are basically oxygen ions with an extra electron attached.

Negative ions are created in nature, when air molecules disintegrate as a result of sun light.  They are also formed as a result of the breakdown of sodium (salt = […]

Discover the Dr Salt difference

Our Centre offers Speleotherapy (salt cave) Salt Rooms. Salt Therapy makes use of the natural healing properties in salt to improve breathing, reduce congestion and relieve symptoms of respiratory and skin conditions.

Salt Room Therapy For Kids

Our kids salt therapy rooms are built like a playroom, complete with toys and books, so that the children can enjoy the session without being aware that they are receiving a treatment.

What are your Child’s symptoms REALLY saying?

Do your children suffer from bedwetting, stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, or nightmares? Do your children have trouble bonding and making positive friendships?

All children are challanged at some point in time with a variety of issues and symptoms. Your child’s symptoms are actually telling a […]

Salt Room Therapy For Adults

Salt therapy is known for its amazing healing powers especially for naturally treating asthma and other respiratory ailments aswell as impurities in the skin.

Salt Room Therapy For Small Groups

We also have a smaller Salt Therapy room which holds 3 people per session as opposed to our larger Salt Therapy treatment room which holds 5.

Complimentary Salt Therapies

Having a massage in the Salt Therapy room enables you to enjoy the benefits of the massage whilst simultaneously allowing the salt to cleanse and detoxify your body.

Salt Therapy Yoga

Yoga is a gentle and effective technique for healing the body, mind, and soul. Now, for the first time, we bring you Salt Therapy Yoga; Classes that are offered in a beautiful and exclusive Salt Yoga Studio.

Why Congestion Leads to Other Health Problems

Most of us are familiar with the discomfort and annoyance of having a cold, flu or congestion issue. However, the problem continues when we become more susceptible to other health problems. Low energy levels, low immunity, re-occurring congestion problems, frequent cold and flus are just some of the problems repeatedly disrupting those suffering from congestion.