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What is Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy (speleotherapy) is a 100% natural, non-invasive treatment where dry salt particles are inhaled. Salt therapy is used to relieve respiratory problems and treat skin disorders. For those in good health it is used to improve general wellbeing and boost immunity.

How does Salt Therapy work?

Dry-salt enriched air contains tiny salt particles that are easily inhaled with natural breathing. By sitting in the Salt Room for a prolonged period, low concentrations of salt are delivered to where it is most needed – deep in the lungs, where the salt then dissolves phlegm in the bronchial tubes and kills micro-organisms that cause infections. The phlegm, allergens, bacteria and any small impurities are later coughed up by the patient or leave the body through other natural metabolic ways. The treatment works to reduce the basis of inflammation by destroying bacteria and strengthening the immune system.

What are the main benefits of Salt Therapy?
  • Salt has the natural property of being able to absorb. As microscopic salt particles are inhaled- it is able to thin out and absorb the extra mucus- allowing a person to more easily release the mucus. Mucus is released through the nose, mouth and stool. The salt is able to reach the lower lobes of the lungs and the upper sinuses (where conventional medicine cannot) because of the size of the salt particles. The salt particles are between 3-5 microns.
  • Salt is a natural antiseptic and natural anti inflammatory. The salt is able to kill germs in the respiratory system (which can cause the over production of mucus in many situations) and manage inflammation in the entire respiratory system.
  • The salt in the salt room is naturally 98% sodium chloride. Sodium chloride has the property of being able to convert positive ions into negative ions.

As an example, in one cubic centimetre of air outside of a salt room there is about 600-700 negative ions. In one cubic centimetre of air inside the salt room there are 3000-4000 negative ions. The room is allergen and microbe free. That is why, when the person is in the room they allow their immune system to rest and therefore strengthen.

How Safe is Speleotherapy?

Speleotherapy is 100% natural, safe and drug-free, providing effective long-term relief. It can be used as a complementary treatment to prescribed medications or as a sole treatment. When Speleotherapy is used as a complementary treatment, it can increase the effectiveness of prescribed medications, and decrease the amount prescribed.

Is Salt Therapy safe for children?

Speleotherapy is very effective for children. In countries where it is practiced in mainstream medicine, doctors recommend parents try this natural remedy before putting children on medication, or at least use it alongside medication to avoid high dosage. We see children as young as 4 months old. We even design our treatment room to be especially attractive for children. The efficacy rate is estimated at 90% and keeps children safe from the side effects of intensive drug treatment.

Why should I consider Speleotherapy?

While modern pharmaceuticals provide effective relief from chronic diseases, there are side effects associated with repeated or prolonged use. Furthermore, medication has people feeling worse of before any gains come in. Using salt therapy, you feel better and better through the duration of the process.

What are the standards of Speleotherapy?

Our salt rooms are in fact 100% natural in that our entire salt room is built out of 94 tonnes of salt from a Ukrainian salt mine. The salt that is used in our rooms is untreated sodium chloride. Temperature and humidity levels are strictly controlled in the room to allow the salt particles to naturally be released from the salt blocks. Temperature is 21 degrees and the humidity level is around 30-40% so its actually quite pleasant inside.

Some clinics use various types of salt such as: Hymalaians, Dead Sea, etc. for generation of salt aerosol. Some of those clinics claim that minerals of those salts are beneficial. During inhalation of salt particles it is impossible to predict the correct amount of inhaled minerals since the amount of minerals is not constant in the salt crystals. Many of those types of salts contain clay, mud, soil and other impurities. Inhaling impurities may cause allergic reactions and other side effects.Only untreated sodium chloride is clinically proven for inhalation and use for treating respiratory conditions. Use of other salts is considered experimental and can cause various side effects. Advertising of use any salt other than untreated sodium chloride in salt rooms is a RED FLAG.

How do I get started?

In order to gain more information on the salt rooms and/or to begin salt room sessions, one must attend a consultation. Consultations are free with no obligation. They are necessary in order for us to obtain information about your specific condition and thus recommend a treatment plan. Typically sessions are once or twice a week. Consultations are typically 15 minutes where we explain to you various options. Directly following a consultation, you can choose to start and stay in the salt room for your first session or choose to think about it first. Both are welcomed!

*Salt Therapy requires confirmation the day prior to the consultation in order to preserve the scheduled time. This is due to limited availability. Please request and confirm consultations with our receptionist 24 hours prior to consultation.

What results can i expect?

Eastern European Doctors have noted that thousands of patients have been successfully treated by this method. After taking salt room treatments, their patients are truly relaxed, their breathing becomes easier, symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, and shortness of breath are alleviated, and patients no longer have to take large amounts of prescription medications. Patients feel that the salt rooms have turned their lives around.

Why is Dr Salt different from other Salt rooms?

Our Salt Therapy wellness centre offers authentic Speleotherapy salt rooms. There is no need for a halogenerator. A halogenerator is a piece of equipment that sprays salt air into the room. Our salt rooms are in fact 100% natural in that our entire salt room is built out of 64 tonnes of salt from a Ukrainian salt mine. The salt that is used in our rooms is untreated sodium chloride. Temperature and humidity levels are strictly controlled in the room to allow the salt particles to naturally be released from the salt blocks. Temperature is 21 degrees and the humidity level is 30-40%.

What does a treatment plan consist of?

A treatment plan consists of 1-2 sessions a week for a duration of time,  since everyone is different we will tailor our programs to meet your special needs. Usually you will know if it is working or not within the first 6 sessions (there is about a 90% success rate with children and a 70% success rate with adults). We define success rate as the rate at which people re-book another series of sessions with us because they are so happy with the results that they can’t get enough of it! The results are so apparent that they speak for themselves. You are not required to commit to a full treatment plan right from the beginning. We first encourage you to complete the initial commitment (6 sessions) before deciding whether to continue or not. Salt Therapy is not a cure for irreversible conditions and thus there are people who may want to go beyond the treatment plan with maintenance sessions.

What are the costs associated with Salt Therapy?

Each salt room session is 1 hour in duration and is $45. There are packages available for sessions in order to reduce the cost per session.

Can I get rebates from private health insurance for Salt Therapy?

Salt therapy is recognized as a natural therapy in Eastern Europe but currently salt therapy is not yet recognized or subsidized by private health insurance in Australia. However the Team at Dr Salt is working on this issue and hopes to have salt therapy nationally recognized and subsidized by private health insurance in the near future.

Can I go into the Salt Rooms if I am pregnant?

Salt therapy is recommended for pregnant women only after the first trimester (4 months is perfectly safe) in cases of complicated pregnancies or medication needed during pregnancy, it is advised to speak with your doctor before undertaking salt therapy treatment.

Can I use my phone, laptop or Ipad in the Salt Room?

We do not recommend the use of any electrical device in our salt room for a couple of reasons:

  • The salt can harm your device.
  • In order to capture and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the salt room and rid yourself of all the stress in your day to day life.
  • The use of electric devices changes the levels of negative ions in the room and may diminish from the salt healing properties.
Do I need to wear anything special for a Salt Therapy session?

No special clothing is required for salt therapy; however Dr Salt provides plastic shoe covers to protect your shoes from the salt crystals on the ground.

What is Salt Therapy’s view on conventional medicine versus natural alternative therapies?

Our philosophy is to nor reject conventional medicine nor accept complementary/alternative medicine uncritically. We believe that if a condition can be treated naturally, that is the ideal. However we do recognize and believe in conventional medicine when needed. If conventional medicine is needed, it is our belief that it is ideal to complement that with natural forms of treatment in order to at least reduce medication use and dosages as well as increase daily quality of life.