Our Melbourne Salt therapy rooms are built from salt bricks excavated from the mines in the city of Soledar located in the Donetsk region of Ukraine.

The salt used in our therapy centres is unique because it has no impurities, which makes it ideal for therapeutic use.  Created 270 million years ago, as the salt from the shallow Permian Sea was dried by the sun over time, then accumulated on the ground in enormous white layers.  As time passed these layers of salt then gradually disappeared under a thick layer of soil.  Soledar mines hold one of the purest salt deposits in the world and the biggest one in Europe.

How Salt Therapy (Speleotherapy) was discovered?

While salt is now plentiful, until the Industrial Revolution it was difficult to come by.  Sourcing salt was an expensive and dangerous operation, and Salt mining was often done by slave or prison labour.

  • In Soviet Union times dissidents and criminals were sentenced to forced labour in the Salt mines.  It was noticed that, unlike coal miners for example, salt miners rarely suffered from tuberculosis, respiratory difficulties or dermatological diseases.  They were incredibly healthy despite the harsh work conditions,  and spending the majority of their time over 300 metres below ground.
  • An improvement in the breathing of miners in Roman and medieval times was recorded in 1843 by Dr Feliks Boczkowski, whilst working as a physician at the Polish salt mine at Wieliczka. He observed there were very few incidents of lung and respiratory diseases in miners.

Today, about 1.2 million people visit the Wieliczka Salt Mine annually, and enjoy its healing properties.

  • The use of Salt therapy is recorded in Germany during WWII, when Dr. Karl Hermann Spannagel noticed improvement in his patients’ health, following their hiding in the Kluterthöhle Karst Salt cave to escape heavy bombing.  Those who suffered from bronchial asthma had their coughing subside and their breathing became much easier, while staying in bomb shelters.

Until 1987 underground caves and mines were the only available method of Salt Therapy.  In 1987 a new system was developed in Russia (Speleochambers- Salt Rooms) to replicate the environment of the Salt mines.

Today there are hundreds of Speleotherapy facilities located throughout Eastern and Central Europe.  Dr Salt has brought the microclimate of the Salt Caves to Melbourne, for you to experience its therapeutic properties.

Click here to view pictures from the Salt Mine of Soledar.

**Places in the world that uses salt therapy: 

Tampa Florida | New York | Canada | England | Mexico | Ireland | Malaysia | Israel

Russia | Italy | Germany | Hungary | Austria | Slovakia | Poland | Bulgaria | Romania