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Salt Lamps

The salt lamp is designed as a complementary therapy for people suffering from chronic and allergic diseases of the respiratory system. Purifying and cleansing the lungs is not only beneficial for people with breathing problems but also for people working in environments contaminated by dust, bacteria, toxic substances, and for smokers.

Our salt lamps are made from the same salt blocks/crystals that have been used to build our salt rooms. Each salt lamp is a salt block that is over 270 million years old. The salt lamps are able to create an artificial microclimate in your bedroom, identical to the climatic conditions of the underground salt caves.

Salt Lamps are beneficial for the following conditions:

Asthma, COPD, chronic ear infections, chronic cough (including smoking), croup, sinusitis and rhinitis, bronchial diseases, throat infections, chronic runny nose, snoring and sleep problems, cleansing and purification of the respiratory system.

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