Daily life can be a struggle with stress from work, family, and all that comes with it.

Stress, when not managed properly, can have very bad effects on our health.

What better way to get rid of that stress then to enjoy a long nap or a good read in a salt therapy room.  Relax and let your worries disappear while your body is being naturally cleansed.

Let our natural salts cleanse your body of toxins and revitalize you so that you can feel better and tackle anything that comes your way.
Salt room therapy for adults is known for its amazing healing powers especially for naturally treating asthma and other respiratory ailments as well as impurities in the skin.

Dr Salt therapy in Melbourne comes exclusively to you so why not take this opportunity to relax in our beautiful Salt Room Therapy For Adults and let the salt cleanse your entire body?

Each session runs for 1 hour.

For more information and medical research about the benefits of Negative Ions click here.

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